The 19th CBD Fair (Guangzhou) Has Its Grand Opening Today


The 19th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair, also known as CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017, has its grand opening today at Canton Fair complex and PWTC Expo. The CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017 covers an exhibition space of 390,000 square meters, maintaining the first place among all similar exhibitions around the world. On the basis of the attendee number, 147,168 at 2016, the figure of CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017 is expected to keep soaring. The main characteristics of such large-scale China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair can be summarized with seven sentences:


1.       CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017 Covering The whole Industry Chain with all Premium Brands and Four Main Themes Leading The Trends Of Industry

The CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017 uniquely contains the whole industry chain of home furnishing building decoration industry. It not only comprises all sub-industries, but attracts all premium brands in every segment, like all rivers running into sea.

       In consideration        of the industrial developing trends and the structure of the complex, we have launched four-main-theme areas since last year: area A for Smartness, area B for customization, area C for System and area D for design. The corporate champions from smart home, whole-house customization, windows and doors system, wooden door and integrated wooden decoration, hardware, kitchen and bath and other segments, embracing these four main themes, release their new products, designs and measures to lead the new trends of the home furnishing building decoration industry.


2.  Building A Platform For Debuts Of New Products As Well as Designs Of Corporate Champions, Gathering Together For The Lunar New Year's Day Of Building Decoration Industry

       “July 8th in every year is the date of not only the opening of CBD Fair (Guangzhou), but the Lunar New Year's Day of home furnishing building decoration industry. We must present the best, most up-to-date and most dressed-up sides of us to the whole industry” said the exhibitors from bottom of their hearts. It’s estimated that dealers, designers, real estate agents, construction companies and media from 31 domestic provinces (cities and districts) and approximately 70 oversea countries and areas assemble together in Guangzhou for the only purpose, exploiting business opportunities for mutual development.


3.      Choosing Exhibitors Cautiously For Endorsement Of The Industry

When assessing the application for exhibiting, we strictly guard a pass just for the goal that pursing the quality over quantity and sincerely presenting the representative and growing companies within the home furnishing building decoration industry. Therefore, the exhibiting space has declined in last few years, so does the amount of exhibitors. In the meantime, a multitude of firms still stay in the waiting-area.


4.      CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017, A Genuine National Fair, Aggregate People Around The World

At the current fair, there are over 2200 exhibitors from 23 provinces (cities and districts) in mainland China and Hongkong, Taiwan as well as oversea countries and regions, among which non-Canton areas have taken larger proportion since the last few years from 30% to 38% now on. Simultaneously, an increasing number of representative brands worldwide enter and be stationed in CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017. These prosperous phenomena also reveal in the attendee side, which covered 31 domestic provinces and 65 oversea countries and regions. The ratio of attendees from non-Canton areas has grown from 40% to 52.5%. In conclusion, the large-scale and worldwide exhibitors and attendees make CBD Fair spread its influence from China to the globe.


5.      To Build A Noise-free CBD Fair, To Enrich Exhibition Experience We All Deserve

The more quality time Attendees would spend on the fair, the more traits they are likely to perceive, which make their communication with exhibitors in depth. In the same way, the exhibitors would present the best of themselves to serve the attendees.

       An announcement was issued to all exhibitors two months before the CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2017 that CBD Fair had steadfast determination to create a noise-free environment this time. A multitude of exhibitors worked with us to launch “noise-free commitment” program to refuse usage of any sound amplification device.


6.      Devote To Protect Intellectual Property, Wipe Out Counterfeits

CBD Fair respects, advocate, encourage and protect originals, which are the requirements of healthy growth to an industry and the responsibilities of us, CBD Fair. Intellectual Property Bureau (IPB), law firms and we make joint efforts by setting up intellectual property protection office on site to seriously handle infringement cases. Once things happen, booths would be closed down and the exhibitors involved would be blacklisted by CBD Fair.


7.      CBD Fair Not Only Just A Stage For Commerce And Trade, But A Gathering Of Newest Trends

Based on meeting needs of attracting business and trading, CBD Fair strengthens the new functions of design-trend leading, newest-fashion releasing, Channel maintenance and inter-industry communication. We collaborate with Industry associations to organize high-end meetings and forums, cooperate with media to release data of home furnishing building decoration industry and hold dealer-training courses in alliance with famous advisory agencies.

As in known to all, CBD-IBCTF (shanghai) 2018 will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai) between March 21st to 23rd. CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2018 will continue to open on Lunar New Year's Day of building decoration industry, July 8th and to close on July 11st , at Canton Fair complex and PWTC Expo.